Moving On

ancient olive

This year has passed in a bit of a blur so far. My book, “A Whisper on the Mediterranean” has just been released by the Sunpenny Publishing group and truly is the highlight of my year. It tells the story of our sailing adventures when our son was little, and the constant movement of living on the sea seems to have been reflected in my life over these last few months. In fact at times I feel that the ground is at all steady beneath my feet.
You know that sensation you get, when traveling in a high-speed train at night, gazing out of the window at half-recognised flashes of landscape and city lights, with a ghostly self-image superimposed over everything. You feel oddly separate from yourself, caught in a rush from place to place with no real control over the journey? Well, that is how I feel. It is a strange, but not completely unpleasant, sensation.
Some of the year’s events have been very worrying indeed, but fortunately they can be considered in the past. Other things have been fun or stimulating. Everything, however, seems to have happened at an unprecedented velocity.
I decided a while ago to give in to the sensation of being out of control and try to enjoy the ride. Since then things seem much more positive and life is taking on a new, unfamiliar but interesting shape. At the end of September my husband and I will be embarking on a completely new venture, as we move to Germany to start a different job and way of life together. After 24 years living in Italy I am more than ready for a change and with each case and box that I pack feel more convinced that we are making the right move. I will miss my friends here but know from experience that real friends find a way to stay in touch, no matter how far apart they live.
I have spent the last few weeks indulging myself by revisiting my favourite places here in Tuscany, saying goodbye and reinforcing good memories.  I will be back frequently, I am sure, to these cypress-lined hills.
So, new adventures, here we come!