Bed, Breakfast and Bodies

As most of you will know, Guido and I have been managers of The Henry Guest house, in Bath, for about 2 months now. During that time we have had some wonderful experiences and met some lovely guests. Bath is a beautiful city and we are really enjoying the change of life style.
This weekend we had a Stag party of 12 staying with us. This was an unusual booking as we normally do hen nights and were a bit reluctant to risk a stag do but Tom, who organised the event, reassured us that they would be very well behaved.
They were a great group of fun, polite and sweet men and we were glad that we had agreed to the booking however, I did have a big shock on the Saturday morning.
When I went upstairs to turn off the lights on around 7.15 am. I found a very large body in the hallway, lying comfortably on the carpet with his shoes (stinky) by his side and his sunglasses still clutched in his hand. I honestly thought he might have collapsed and died there but when I touched his shoulder and it was warm, I relaxed.
“Good morning” said I. The body smiled.
“Are you all right?
Smile and nod.
“Only, you are lying in my entrance hall!” Eyes opened, he gazed around in surprise and said
“Oh god, I am so very sorry!”
I got some strong coffee and toast into him, which seemed to trigger the memory of who he was and what room he should have been in and off he went, leaving his stinky shoes under the table in the dining room!
He apologized very profusely later on and was actually quite sweet.
Tom also had an adventure. Coming out of the nightclub on Friday he was shouted at by a girl he had no memory of speaking to and then she punched him (was a big girl!) He sported a very dashing black eye last night which will probably be at the purple stage for his brother’s wedding next weekend.
I am adding no photos to accompany this blog as I think my “body” in the hallway would prefer to remain anonymous 🙂

25th Anniversary

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I met Guido on 25th May 1990. I was in Kefalonia, in a realtionship that was going nowhere fast. He had just separated from his wife and neither of us was looking for another love story. Maybe that is why it happened so fast. We talked all night, he invited me to stay with him in Rome and once I arrived there a week later, I never left.

Through the years we have had so many different adventures, travelled far and wide, had a wonderful son (Guido already had a fantastic son so it feels like I am lucky enough to have 2 boys) and lived life to the full every second, the way we decided to when we met. He fast became my best friend and has been my rock for 25 years. I know just how lucky I am to have him in my life and try to make sure he knows it too. Life is never easy all the time but when there are 2 of you to help each other over the occassional obstacles, things seem better.

Guido is not one to make a fuss about things like birthdays and anniversaries (darn) and even for our 25th he was not overly bothered  about celebrating. On the actual day we went out for a meal with our youngest son and it was a great way to celebrate quietly.

Last week we decided to take a day and drive to Porlock on the coast. It was just the way the weather ought to be in England, windy and cold! We found a lovely B&B in a thatched cottage there, walked on the pebbly beach, had a good dinner in the village and then drove back to the coast to watch the tide drift out and the sun set. It felt peaceful and romantic. So much so that the atmosphere went to Guido’s head and he got down on one knee to re-propose to me. I said yes immediately – those stones were playing havok with his knees!

Here are some photos of this beautiful place which will always have a special place in my heart. In the very windswept one of me I am holding a heart-shaped stone I found for Guido, which we later left in the chapel for safe keeping of our love. 🙂

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