Drake’s Progress


I’m growing fast. I’m three months now and Mum says that I’m making progress.

I’m not sure what that means but it sounds good. I make quite a few things – I make mum laugh a lot, make mum and dad cross quite a lot too and make a MESS very often. I like mess. Mess is fun, like shredding paper napkins into tiny pieces, unmaking my bed and pulling cushions off the chairs to shake them out.

I know a lot of words now, in fact I know some of the alphabet.

A is for – Aiiya!!! A noise they all make when I bite their hands too hard. They get cross then, even though I was only telling them how much I love them. I don’t like A!

B is –  a lot better. B is my favourite letter. It’s for biscuits and bones, ball and barking! Barking is great, (stop barking obviously means I should run around the garden and make a lot of noise. I love that!) However, B is also for basta which is the same as the enough word and means no more fun. It is for bad boy which I don’t like, although good boy is when I get cuddles and is great. Life is a bit confusing for me sometimes! B is also for bye bye, which means come in from the garden or you’ll be left out there, so unless I have a really interesting stick to chew I run inside quickly when I hear that.

C is for – come. I really don’t understand this word at all. I hear it a lot. Maybe they mean bye bye?

D is for – doggie. We see a lot of these creatures on our walkies (now that is a word I never get tired of!). Some are nice and waggly. Others, especially small ones, are very noisy and fierce. I’m a bit afraid of the small ones and hide behind mum’s legs. D is also for ducky, a lovely soft toy that squeaks very satisfactorily when bitten and is great for helping mum clean the kitchen. She sweeps with her broom and I use the duck, unless she lets me help her with the broom but usually she laughs a lot and puts it away when I try that. D is also for DOWN. A very serious word, down is. It gets said very, very often when I’m having fun or can smell something delicious on the table. Sometimes however, when they say it and hold a special biscuit near my nose, and I lie down and guard it, down can be a good word because afterwards I get to eat the treat!


E is for enough with seems to mean the same as basta and is used when I have to stop having fun or making a nice mess. It’s also for EEEK which is what mum says when she sees my mess. Maybe that’s what she means by progress?

F is for – fetch, a game I’m really good at. Also for another word I heard once but mum says we mustn’t repeat that!

I don’t know the rest of my letters yet although I know a few other words like toy and sit and stay, which means I have to guard my food and make sure no one else eats it. I don’t take my eyes off the bowl until mum says eat and then I jump up and run to my food quickly.  Then there is the rather confusing paw, which means I have to shake hands with them and paws, which is when I have to stop inside the garage, after running around in the lovely muddy garden, and have four paws wiped clean.

Nana says that the first word my mum ever said was NO. It must be one of her favourites as it is certainly the word I hear most!