Tonia Parronchi

Welcome to my blog where I will keep you updated on my life and writing. I know how very lucky I am to have lived in Italy for the last 24 years. When I first met my husband, Guido, we lived in Rome but since our son, James was born in 1994, we have lived in the beautiful Tuscan valley that inspired my novel The Song of the Cypress. Our family sailing adventures inspired  A Whisper on the Mediterranean and I have just finished a new novel The Melting of Miss angelina Snow, set in England but with a very Italian hero.

As you can see, Italy is very important to me and my work.I hope my blog will show you the magic of the Tuscan landscape and the exhilaration of sailing these beautiful seas as well as sharing with my readers some of the more mundane moments of my everyday life.

This blog is dedicated to Stella our wonderful German Shepherd who kept us company for 10 years and is the inspiration for Luna in “The Song of the Cypress”. In the header photo she is looking elegant in her red harness on our sailing boat and looks the part of a salty-old-seadog. The truth is that she did not trust the boat at all and jumped off whenever she could to take refuge in the boot of the car which did not move up and down! She adored the boat-yard though and was especially fond of bringing us any dead fish she found washed up, as a smelly present. We miss her every day and are so grateful for the unconditional love she gave us.

Please contact me with any questions or comments – I love to hear from you!

Tonia Parronchi, author, Italian olive groves, mystery and beauty in Tuscany

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